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            Gluten free means a food or diet not containing gluten. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, gluten (aka grain) is found in most breads, cereals, pastas, cakes, cookies, pastries, and beer. Gluten Free adherents - and Factor 75 - eliminate grains and processed items containing allergenic gluten including:

            Wheat - spelt, kamut, triticale, white flour

            Gluten free icon

            The Gluten Free Diet

            While some claims about the evils of gluten can - and have - been
            exaggerated, Factor 75 chose to eliminate gluten from all of our meals.
            Why? For Factor 75, going gluten-free has nothing to do with a trend,
            it's simply a part of our Nutritional Philosophy.

            We only include ingredients that are nutrient dense and never include any
            ingredients that can negatively impact how we perform. Regardless of your
            diet or sensitivities, there's no research that proves gluten helps or improves our performance,
            mind or mood in any way.

            Gluten has been scientifically proven to cause
            or intensify the following:

            Increase mental focus



            Bloating, Ibs

            Blood sugar swings


            Onset of chronic illnesses

            Factor 75 Gluten Substitutes

            Our executive chef replaces the glutenous pasta, pizza
            crusts and other menu items with more nutritious alternatives.

            These ingredients were hand picked to not only simulate what
            they are replacing, but to provide optimal nutrients, vitamins
            and minerals.

            Almond flour
            Butternut squash
            Coconut flour
            Shirataki (aka Miracle Noodles)
            Shredded cauliflower
            Spaghetti squash
            Tapioca flour

            All Factor 75 meals are Gluten Free as well as:




            Antibiotic & Horomone-Free

            Soy-Free   Non-GMO

            Explore Other Healthy Eating Options